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Smart Injection Pen

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Product Parameter:
1, Dose adjustment is convenient, adjustable range: 0-60u (0-0.6ml)
2, Single minimum dose 1u (0.01ml)
3, High injection accuracy with less than ±5% error
4, Ultra-high precision, injection increment 1u, adjustable dose 1u-60u
5, Small displacement, only 0.5 units, saving drugs
6, Applicable (1ml-3ml) Cartridge Packaging Liquid Injection

Product Feature:
1, Bluetooth technology, GPRS module injection
2, Large-capacity historical data storage
3, Remote transmission, wireless connection with the doctor's diagnostic data
4, For the injection of pre-encapsulated liquid
5, With memory function, accurately find historical data
6, A key injection, adjustable injection speed, thrust stability, reduce pain
7, The liquid balance shows that saving syrup, easy to read and easy to use injection information settings
8, A variety of injection needle compatible, easy to replace